I’ve been waking up at 6 AM since my return from my Thailand trip. I do like the early mornings. I like the lightness of it and the heaviness of the air.

I’m thinking, I should write a post to document my time in beloved Thailand. But there’s something I want to write about first.

I am doing this thing called ‘Q&A a day’. There’s a question for each day. You answer the same question on the same day for five years. And see how your answers change or stay the same over the years. Tbh most of the time I forget for days and binge answer questions for the past week or two.

A couple of days ago, I was filling in answers for three weeks worth of missed questions. The question for March 16 was: “What is something you want to buy right now?”

Q&A a day page

지금 당장 사고 싶은 것은?

Last year, I answered: “Cute plant shelf. Metallic.”

Reading this, I thought, “Didn’t I have these metal shelves a year ago?”

Then I realized, I only moved into this apartment a year ago. Almost exactly a year ago. And I’ve only owned these cute metal shelves for a few months.

Home this time last year Home more recently

Home this time last year & home this time this year.

I had to share.

Insta post about my home with text: "Just realized - I moved into this apartment just around this time last year. and this is the first place that made me go ‘aah i’m home 😌’ after years of wandering through countries and cities and dorms and shared apartments"

Here, I wrote “years of wandering”. I thought about it later and realized, it’s actually been over a decade.

Over a decade since I moved to Hong Kong on my own.

That’s crazy.

My family did move around a little even before then, but it was then that I set off my “there’s no going back” phase. When I started moving to new cities where I did not know a single soul. A nineteen-year-old me, twenty, twenty-two, twenty-five. I lived in dormitories, shared rooms, shared apartments. Finally, I moved into my own place for the first time in over a decade, this time last year.

How did I move around so much? Why did I even?

I think I was looking for a home, one to replace the lost one. And I think I found a home. Definitely not a forever one, but one that is more than good enough for now. One that I was secretly hoping for. One that makes me go, “Ahh, I’m home 😌”.