Self-portrait. Jan 19, 2023

Nikon FE2 / Kodak Colorplus 200

Me in my apartment with my roomies.

Tarot for 2024

I got a free tarot reading for the ‘Theme of the Year’ (thank you). I got Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

She says this card embodies more of a material and practical energy - something to do with work, money, home, belongings, or the body.

I could be embodying the energy of being very grounded, learning or starting out in career, diligent and responsible. I could be building myself a foundation for a prosperous future.

Pages are often messengers too - so I could be giving or receiving some news, generally positive (as the card was upright), regarding something financial/material.

I am a scientist and am agnostic toward religions or tarot or anything of the sort. Just so you know.

.. But I hope this is true. You know, like, coincidentally. ٩( ‘ω’ )و


Feb 07. I decide to do a guided one for my daily morning meditation. It’s about self-compassion. First, I picture a little me, a 5-year old kid. I sincerely wish her happiness, to be free from suffering. I start crying. I cry and my mind fills up with emotions, all sorts of emotions. I think this kid is happy but I think about all the things she’ll go through. Then, I picture her a little bigger, a teenage me. Then, me now. I sincerely wish them happiness and to be free from suffering.

“Compassion for the whole project for being a human in this world”.

Maybe we have to be good to ourselves before we can truly be good to others. Be compassionate toward the different versions of ourselves. And forgive them.

The Ágape

I was part of something really fun and inspiring. I was a ‘graphic designer’ for The Ágape, a Finissage for the Sensoriality Workshop series organized by EDGE Neuroscience & Art. It was a lovely team too.

Hope there is more to come.

지옥만세, 우리들, 너의 눈을 들여다보면, Deerhoof concert, Slug Hall concert

지옥만세 우리들 너의 눈을 들여다보면 deerhoof concert

나의 마음을 몽글거리게 하는 문화생활 것들.

지옥만세는 떡볶이 같았고 우리들은 미숫가루. 너의 눈을 들여다보면은 편안하면서 쓰라렸고 주인공이 내 친구 써니랑 닮았다 (얼굴도 그리고 주먹도). Deerhoof 콘서트는 미친 드럼에 오랜만에 넘 씬낫다.

Slug hall - You guys are an inspiration. Absolutely adorable too.

Kylie in Berlin

kylie and i, subway sation card game kylie and i, reflection on a lamp

너의 첫 베를린. 음식, 맥주, 빈티지 쇼핑, 전시회, 클럽. 즐거웠길 바래!

전에 너가 홍콩 놀러 왔을 때와 마찬가지로 책 한 권과 편지 한 장 두고 간 너.
변화하는 세상 속 변화하는 너와 나지만 이런 소소한 것들은 그대로였으면 좋겠다.

Plant parent me

식물집사의 삶 (pc Kylie)