Monstera unfurls a leaf

Monstera pushes out a new leaf
and it’s big!

Xnipek Xnipek

Before / After

Shy dog opens his heart to me
That dog leans on me for the first time

Meeting ends with a feeling of mini breakthrough

Biking home after a strenuous, sweaty workout, feeling the cool breeze gently brush against my face.


Witnessing a duet of a guitarist and a dog at Monbijoupark.

old photo

Stumbling upon old photos

Buying a new fineliner,
putting screens to sleep,
listening to the satisfying sound of a new pen scribbling on paper.

DIY lamp shade Home DIY planter

Re-decorating home
DIYing stuff, reconnecting with the kid in me

Quote from book Reading the book a friend had left me.
Reading it the second time because there is so much more to be felt.